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Why hello there, my name is Janette & I'm here to make your life so much easier!

Did you know that on average a bride will spend over 200 hours planning her wedding!!! That's just crazy.

Let me help you take back those hours...

I love weddings. I love what they represent - the telling of the love story & most of all the magic. I believe in magic & the magical essence between two people. You may not essentially see it, but you can most certainly feel it.

In my line of work we are the ones who bring the magic alive so that others may see it.

Please contact me, I would love to get to know you & help you create the most amazing day of your life.

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Meet Janette

My passion for weddings showed itself to me when my handsome husband proposed to me. I had always loved weddings but had no idea of all the little details that tied such a beautiful day together.

This is when the obsession started.

I will tell you now Pinterest will be your best & worst friend! There's so many amazing ideas that it can become a little overwhelming. That's where I come in. Let me help you blend all your stunning ideas and dreams to make a day not to forget.

Janette Newell

Event Planner/Owner

Passion: Everything wedding

Love: Her husband but secretly her border collie trumps husband

Happiness: Donuts & loads of them!

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