Top 5 Reasons

#1 EVERYONE DESERVES TO ENJOY THEIR DAY! – The day flies by in a blink of an eye that you don’t have time to stress and worry about trivial things.

#2 SAVES YOU MONEY – Yes, you maybe thinking that a Wedding Planner is another expense however we are able to negotiate with vendors and setup up a budget if you aren’t the best with money management.

#3 ORGANISATIONAL HELP – You both work & you don’t want wedding planning to take over your lives or perhaps you are just not good at planning or get flustered easily. A Wedding Planner would relieve you of the stress knowing that your day will run smoothly.

#4 PREVENTS DETAILS FROM FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS – Forget to pay your bills on time or return a call or email a vendor? We are there to remind you of the things you didn’t even think of or forgot in all the chaos of life.

#5 YOUR WEDDING PLANNING EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE, NOT STRESSFUL – Enjoy more of every moment of your engagement with your dream partner and less acting like a creature of the undead pulling your hair out over how much needs to be done. Your job is to look after yourself and create beautiful memories planning this special day for you both.

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