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Virtual Power Planning Sessions


Get quality time with an expert to create your own personalised wedding budget and timeline giving you peace of mind that you’re setting your wedding up for success! 


Book a 1:1 Wedding Planning Session


A virtual 2 hour no strings attached wedding planning session with a professional Wedding Planner. Create your wedding budget. Create your wedding day timeline. Get all of your questions answered. Get customised expert advice and recommendations to plan your wedding.


Engaged couples across Australia. Whether you’re just starting your wedding planning journey or nearing the end of it. Your Power Planning Session can be customised to suit your needs.


Customised wedding budget.

Customised basic wedding day timeline. 

My eBook – Expenses couples forget to budget for.

Actionable next steps and recommendations specific to your wedding day. 

Peace of mind tht your wedding planning is going in the right direction. 

24 hour turn around delivery of session documents and spreadsheets sent directly to your inbox. 

All of your questions and frustrations answered by an expert all from the comfort of your home. 



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Wedding Budget
Find out how much weddings REALLY cost

According to Easy Weddings 2021 survey they found that couples in almost every single case go way over budget. Which is insane. Hey if you’ve got the money, great. But it’s not just about going over budget it’s knowing what you are paying for, what you’re getting yourself into, knowing it’s the correct service for you and having that expert knowledge of what to do and how to go about it. The right way!

These sessions are for any engaged couple in Australia needing a no strings attached pow wow with a wedding planner to put them on the right path for them when planning their wedding.

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Time with an expert

In my 2 Hour Power Planning Sessions we will be demystifying the wedding budget. Find out how much things actually cost for your wedding day. All from the comfort of your own home. 

We will run through a basic wedding budget then we will chop and change it in the session to build the perfect budget for you. And clarifying what you want to spend your money on. 

We will also run through a basic wedding day timeline and create the perfect outline for you. 

And we will run through strategies and recommendations that will be customised to your day as well as coming up with contingency plans to avoid headaches around wet weather and other uncontrollable events.


Thank you so much for putting everything together for us, I literally couldn't sleep for days after the wedding because I was sooo happy with the day!!



Set your wedding up for success!

So, if you want to have fun AND peace of mind when planning your wedding, book my virtual session to set yourself up for success. 

I have created this 2 Hour Power Planning Session because I understand that not everyone can afford a wedding planner, or perhaps you just want to do it yourself, and that’s amazing! 

These virtual sessions have come about so couples can get some professional expert opinions and recommendations for their wedding day without spending $$$. 

Because throughout my experience I’ve seen things go wrong, like very wrong, and this is how not to do that! Avoid mistakes and book a session for a perfect stress free day!

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Why book a Virtual 2 Hour Power Planning Session?

Our 2 Hour Power Planning Session is for the couple who honestly has no idea what the heck they are doing and need some guidance and advice on how to go about planning their wedding. 

Our sessions are conducted via Skype and are designed to give couples a stable foundation to start planning their wedding. And know exactly what steps to take to create the wedding of your dreams with expert advice and recommendations from a professional. 

By no means will we be able to plan, book and have your wedding done and dusted in 2 hours. I would be out of the job if that were possible. haha. This is to give you a great head start and a helping hand to lead you on the right track to planning a successful wedding.

Highly organised, great communication & reliable! Janette was an absolute pleasure to deal with & nothing was too difficult for her.


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What you'll get out of it?

Peace of mind that your wedding planning is going in the right direction.

All your questions and frustrations answered by an expert all from the comfort of your own home.

Your customised wedding budget.

Your customised basic wedding timeline.

My eBook – Expenses couples forget to budget for.

Actionable next steps and recommendations specific to your wedding day.

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Understanding what you want

Pinterest can create some pretty unrealistic expectations when it comes to your wedding. Find out realistic wedding planning strategies and get the most out of your day.

Avoid making costly mistakes

You’ve only got one shot to make a beautiful and memorable experience for you and your partner. So why risk messing it up? Run your wedding ideas past an expert who can tell you instantly what will and won’t work.

Our sessions are customisable

We can customise a session to fit whatever needs you require. If you’ve already planned and booked all your details, we can create a ‘Finish Line’ session where I will run over all of your plans, find any holes or perhaps things that have been missed or overlooked and give you advice and recommendations on how to create a detailed runsheet etc. The options are endless, it’s really up to you. Just let me know in the questionnaire if you require a custom session.

Our Process

When you have booked and paid for your session via Paypal what happens next?


As soon as you’ve selected your session date and time and paid via Paypal you will be automatically redirected to my Questionnaire. These are 8 questions that will help me prepare prior so you can get the most of your session. So, this will take you roughly 10-15 minutes.

An email will be sent with an agenda, Skype link and all the details of the virtual session prior to the day. 


This is where the magic happens. Creating your budget, creating your basic timeline, creating Plan B’s and contingency plans, answering all of your wedding planning questions, providing advice and recommendations plus so much more. Because hey, we will have a blast! It can be one or both of you on the call because I understand it’s sometimes difficult to line up schedules. 


So, after your session you will be emailed with: Your customised wedding budget spreadsheet (excel), basic timeline, your questions and answers, your customised next steps and recommendations and also my eBook – Expenses couples forget to budget for.

Basically anything we discuss will be in written form for you to look at later. 🙂