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If sticking to a wedding budget isn’t your forte and you find yourself stuck, unsure and completely overwhelmed by your ever growing wedding planning Pinterest board, then you’re in the right place. Because Brisbane Wedding Planner Olive Rose Weddings and Events is here to assist.

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by organising your wedding into small, easy to manage pieces.

For the engaged couple in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas who need a little more free time in their lives and a little less never ending to-do lists. So, we do all the running around so you don’t have to.

I'm needing assistance planning and organising my entire wedding.

I've planned my wedding and need assistance bringing it all together.

I need assistance creating a wedding budget and I have questions where to begin.

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Meet Your Brisbane Wedding Planner

Hey there, I’m Janette! I’m a Brisbane wedding planner and it’s my job to make your wedding journey a beautiful and memorable experience. Because hey, life’s meant to be fun.

"How often do you hear of a bride having literally no stress on the day of their wedding...
Janette handled everything perfectly!"

— Courtney & Jayden

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