Are you a busy bee who doesn’t have that much time lying around, or even if the very thought of organising and wedding planning fills you with dread? Leave it to us to create the perfect day for you and your loved ones. From sourcing the perfect venue, collecting quotes, making sure you stay on budget, to tailoring the planning to suit your every need. 

What if you could … Have someone ask you exactly how you wanted your wedding. They create a proposal, you give it the ok, and all you have to do is just rock up on your wedding day where everything is all you imagined and more?!!! My Wedding Planning services are designed to help those couples who are time poor and would like all of the nitty gritty tasks handled for them by a professional. 


Think of a Wedding Planner as your very own Personal Assistant, here to help you with every step of the planning process. Providing professional advice and recommendations while doing all of the busy work. Such as collecting quotes and answering all your vendors questions.

Planning a wedding can get super overwhelming! Especially when you have multiple vendors sending through emails all asking the same questions you’ve answered a dozen times. A planner takes all of the stress and unnecessary back and forth with vendors and questions. Answering questions is not all a Planner does. We gather as much information from you so that we can tailor a perfect wedding experience to suit you. We create vision boards, palettes, timelines, budgets, checklists and spreadsheets and so much more. All of these elements are used to keep everything on track and organised so that you don’t have to lift a finger.  #lifegoals


Planning a wedding literally becomes a full time job! Between sourcing vendors, answering never ending questions and Pinteresting, let alone figuring out what the hell you actually want on your day. Things can get overwhelming and chaotic very quickly. Especially for those people already with a full time job, family, socials lives and a life in general it can seem impossible. 

That’s where hiring a Planner can be incredibly beneficial. We would relieve you of all of these stresses knowing that your day will be planned, run smoothly and seamlessly by a professional and that no detail has been lost or forgotten. #smoothcriminal

Yes, you maybe thinking that a Wedding Planner is another expense. However most Planners already have connections and discounted rates with their recommended vendors to a price you wouldn’t usually be able to receive just by enquiring. We are able to work with any budget to create a magical day.

A Planner also gives you the ability to truly enjoy every moment of your engagement with your dream partner. And less acting like a creature of the undead pulling your hair out over how much still needs to be done. (Not a Bridezilla in site) Your job is to look after yourself and create beautiful memories planning this special day for you both. Because hey, time flies by in a blink of an eye that you don’t have time to stress and worry about trivial things. Let’s plan a wedding!



  • > Wedding Planning assistance from planning, souring quotes, creating documents, filling out contract details, vendor liaising, creating runsheets and timelines. Plus so much more which will save you time, money and stress in the lead up to your big day. 
  • > Vision board creation to help you figure out what styles, themes and palletes you want for your wedding.  
  • > Budget spreadsheet, Timelines, Checklists, To-Do Lists. Plus more all combined into your own personal wedding binder.
  • > Digital software to access all details and documents of your wedding all from your phone using an app.
  • > Multiple meetings to discuss plannings to confirm and for peace of mind that everything is going plan.  
  • > Unlimited support, advice and recommendations via email and phone. Making it incredibly easy to get in contact. 
  • > Vendor liaising answering questions and requirements so that you don’t have to. 
  • > On the Day Coordination is included to save you time and stress on your big day.
  • > Peace of mind that everything will be setup and organised by a professional way before your guests arrive. 
  • > We create a detailed runsheet to ensure all elements are accounted for and everyone involved knows what’s going on. 
  • > We also create ceremony and reception floorplans so that everything is exactly where you would like it. 
  • > 1 to 2 hour wedding run through meeting at your venue. Roughly 6 weeks out from the big day to get all details confirmed for our runsheet and floorplans.
  • > Full access to our Emergency Kit on the day.
  • > Includes a Planner/Coordinator + an assistant on the day.
  • > Wedding Planner stays onsite from setup until all the formalities of the day are over (generally after the first dance/cake cutting). 
  • > Let’s Plan a Wedding Workbook – Over 30 pages of easy to use checklists and worksheets to make planning your wedding simple and organised.


  • > Brisbane
  • > Gold Coast
  • > Sunshine Coast
  • > And surrounding areas




In your 30 minute complimentary consultation we meet up at a local cafe for a hot beverage (my favourite cafe is Passiontree Velvet at Indooroopilly) where we will discuss the following: 

  • > Your wedding day vision – all of your dreams, ideas and wants. 
  • > We will draw up a rough timeline of the days festivities. 
  • > Any venue and vendor details already booked (If any). 
  • > Your priorities and what is super important to you on the day. 
  • > Any struggles or pain points you are having that I might be able to help you out with – advice and recommendations. 

I would love to meet with you. Click the button below to book your complimentary consultation.