Bridal expos are such a valuable source of inspiration when planning a wedding. It’s also an amazing way to meet fantastic wedding vendors in your area. Within a small span of time you could meet with any number of vendors to discuss what they do and how they can help you to create your day incredibly memorable.

I recommend going to at least one expo. Meet with people. See if you click. It’s a lot easier choosing a vendor in person rather from their website or social pages.

So, you’ve decided to go to an expo, you’ve rustled up your bridesmaids, partner or parents. You’re wanting to get as much out of this expo as possible and you’re not sure what to expect. Well you’ve come to the right place!!! Read my tips for getting through your first bridal expo and make it count!

Bridal Expos mean business 😉


Yes I know this boring and tedious but by creating a list of people you want to meet will save you time in the long run. Check out the vendors that will be attending the expo on the events website and take a note of anyone you find interesting and would like to know more about.


Book or purchase your tickets online prior to the event. Most events provide discounts for those that book online! This is turn will save you so much time lining up and waiting to get in. Plus getting in first means you’ll have a greater chance at booking a vendor you want before someone else takes your date.


Where something comfy and not constricting. It can be a long day and is probably not the best time to be wearing your heels. Trust me as exciting as it all is because when inside and you’re the bride everyone will treat you like a princess and will all want to talk to you … this can get tiring especially when carrying a million brochures, gift bags and samples. Wear your active wear because this is a marathon 😉


Bring a pen and notebook with your notes from your research … this is also handy to jot down any notes when talking to vendors. Or if booking with them on the spot it’s a good idea to write down notes as well as taking a business card because let’s face it we forgot or loose things all the time.


Create a specific wedding email address so that all your wedding information is in one place. This is such a great idea! It’s free to setup another email so why wouldn’t you. No need to sift through a million emails to find your wedding things. Make it cute like mrandmrsstafford@ or jenandstandswedding@ or weddingofthecentury@. Have fun with it.

Sign up forms

THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST THING YOU EVER DO!!! Print and cut out your details including *** Your name, Email, Phone number and wedding date. Most vendors will have draws and competitions instead of writing your details over and over and over just use these pre-filled out entry forms!!! GENIUS RIGHT!!!! If you only do one thing from my list of 6 make it this! This will save you hand and your sanity.

Written by Janette Newell I Olive Rose Weddings & Events

I help couples plan, organise & create the wedding of their dreams. Feel free to look around my website, & keep an eye out for my FREE downloadable checklists.


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