Your wedding celebrant sets the tone for the celebrations to come. A boring, slow and flat ceremony is tough to come back from, at least until the champagne kicks in! So, selecting a celebrant that complements your couple vibe, and suits your dynamic, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make (sure, I’m a little bias).

We celebrants (and when I say we I mean a small but mighty bunch of passionate peeps) put a great deal of energy and effort into ensuring your ceremony is one that you’ll thoroughly enjoy and a memory that will last a lifetime. I believe it’s our responsibility to create a celebration that tells your love story in an authentic, vibrant and entertaining way.

When selecting your celebrant, narrow it down to at least 3 celebrants you like. Keeping in mind, every budget is different, and your celebrant will be a reflection of that. As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Then, ask yourselves the following questions;

  • What is most important for your ceremony?
    (Your story, your family, laughing, intimacy, tradition, joy etc). 
  • What is our couple vibe?
    (Quirky, relaxed, energetic, traditional, warm, charismatic etc). 
  • Who would we want to hang out with?
    (If you’d like to hang out with that celebrant, and be pals, it’s likely they’re the right person to be trusted with sharing your story and performing your wedding.)

Your celebrant should put you at ease, be a total nerve killing ninja and have a real enthusiasm for the beautiful universal commitment that is marriage. At the end of the day, you’ve got to love LOVE. Both professional party starters, and hopeless romantics, we celebrants understand how special this moment is. From vowing down to sealing the deal with a smooch, we adore celebrating that brilliant kind of magic of two people getting together and promising forever.

May your ceremony be the perfect representation of your journey, your love and your future together. May it symbolise the courage, passion, dedication and friendship you share, as you step into forever.

Happy hunting!

Written by Hannah Lea Wedding Celebrant



“I’m an energetic and enthusiastic Wedding Celebrant, based on the Gold Coast, servicing Brisbane to Byron Bay, and beyond! I create ceremonies that are charming, modern and vibrant, that celebrates your love story.”

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