We have all dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, the horse drawn carriage, beautiful settings and romantic lighting for days. I have definitely noticed an increased demand for themed weddings such as Disney and or movie related theming’s. Must be because of all of us 90’s babies coming through haha.

As much as I love everything about a Disney themed wedding too much of a good thing can seriously clash and look tacky and not put together. What we are after is subtle touches to create a mood, a romantic atmosphere, which means a little less reception tables lined with figurines and collectables.

Sure, it’s completely up to the couple themselves and if that’s what they like by all means go ahead. No judging here. But what I want to show you is that there’s so many beautiful ways to implement your favourite Disney movie into your special day to truly wow your guests because it’s that what we all want … to be the talk of the town. 😉 

Let’s get rid of the tackiness and replace it with captivating displays and settings that would make Walt Disney proud. 😉

Let me show you one of my recent styled shoots where I brought the elements of Disney film Tangled into a romantic wedding setting. By using beautifully subtle touches of the film as elements and small details that can either be noticed by an obsessed Disney fan or be overlooked and seen as gorgeous small details of a romantic wedding setting.

The vision I wanted to create is where a couple can achieve both, have their Disney wedding without the tackiness. And use the key elements of the movie in subtle ways to achieve an elegant romantic setting.

  1. Elements

First thing that you’re wanting to do is figure out what elements are the highlights of the Disney movie. For example, my Tangled shoot. The elements I wanted to capture was wild overgrown landscapes, long blonde braided hair, tiara, refined royalty, elegance, lanterns as well as her signature purple and gold colourings.

List as many elements as you can think of and then choose only a couple to work with. Less is always more. Because the more you try to cram in every single element the harder it is to pull it all together.

  1. Incorporate

Meaning, how are you going to show off these elements in your wedding, remembering subtle touches are key. Because I wanted to capture both the overgrown and refined royalty elements, I spilt them up. The overgrown landscapes became the theming for the ceremony setting, whilst the refined royalty / elegance elements were the theming for the reception. Note, that you don’t have to shove every single element into all aspects of the day. Simple is best.

You can see the overgrown elements of the ceremony being the floral ceremony arbour and the bouquet (representing the vines grown around the tower). And at the same time, we chose our ceremony location on top of a mountain surrounded by rain forests. A little tip, choose your venue with your theming in mind, as it will make is easier for you to pull together your vision.

My reception styled table just oozes elegance with our crisp white stationery with gold foiling and the brass candlesticks and beautifully arranged florals. Fit for a princess. We also did keep a little overgrown element with our stunning cake for our tower.

  1. All tied up

Now that you have figured out what elements you wish to incorporate into your wedding setting it’s now time for the hardest part, pulling it all together. Making sure everything you’re adding to the setting has a purpose and seamlessly blends in. We managed to get printed on top of the chocolate boxes the sun pattern and the quote ‘You are my new dream’ from the Disney movie. As generally this would be one of those ‘tacky’ features we had it printed in gold foil to match the stationery and made sure the writing and the boxes weren’t huge that it took over the table.

Because they matched the stationery perfectly, they blended into the whole setting with zero effort. Most of your guests probably wouldn’t even realise that it’s a quote from the Tangled Disney movie. And this is exactly the effect you want. Disney nerds and obsessed fans will pick this up straight away (and obviously love it) and the other weirdos that don’t like Disney so much will love it as well because it’s gorgeous and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. That’s a win in my books. 😉

See below for more gorgeous pictures of our shoot.


Also, just a side note. Picking the perfect team is literally the make or break for an amazing event. Without the right people to take on your vision, your vision won’t be everything you hoped it would be. I could not have pulled it off without this absolutely amazing team! Check out my team below.

Happy planning, Janette xx

Written by Janette Newell I Olive Rose Weddings & Events

Planner / Stylist: Olive Rose Weddings & Events
Venue: Binna Burra Lodge
Photographer: Heather & Blooms
Cake: The Sweet Society Co
Florist: Bumble & Bloom
Chocolates: Little Cocoa
H&MU: Makeup & Me
Gown: Goddess By Nature
Suit: Black Jacket Suiting
Stationery: Invitation Designs by Eliza
Jewellery: Wendy Louise Designs
Rings: Love Lara Jewellery
Bride Model: Lauren Walton
Groom Model: Connor Baxter
Hexagon Arbour: Cali Collection Hire

I help couples plan, organise & create the wedding of their dreams. Feel free to look around my website, & keep an eye out for me FREE downloadable checklists. 


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