Wanting a Beauty and the Beast wedding but not sure how to go about it whilst avoiding the tacky yellow and blue situation? We got you. 😉

My vision for our stunning Beauty and the Beast wedding inspired styled shoot was to show couples that you can have your thirst for all things Disney quenched whilst creating a gorgeous romantic setting that will WOW your guests. What I wanted to do was add in subtle aspects of the classic Disney film which would completely stand out to any Disney nerd but at the same time wouldn’t scream out ‘oh my god what the hell is this’ to the other freaks out there that don’t like Disney. Haha. Essentially satisfying both parties in case your better half isn’t quite the Disney obsessed fan as yourself. It’s a win win! YAY! Beauty & the Beast Wedding decided! 

Let me show you how I created this STUNNING Beauty & the Beast wedding setting by incorporating distinct elements.

Step 1 – Identify and list the distinct Beauty and the Beast Wedding elements.

Beauty & the Beast Styled Shoot | Olive Rose Weddings & EventsThese are the main elements of the movie, which could be characters, themes, items, etc. Below is my list that I used to bring my vision to life.

  • Roses
  • Books
  • Candelabra
  • Clock
  • Tea pot / Teacup
  • Princess / Beast
  • Wooden Finishes
  • Mirror
  • ‘Try the grey stuff it’s delicious’
  • ‘Be our guest’
  • Ball room / First Dance
  • Fairy-tale/ Magical / Palace Garden
  • Winter turning to Spring

Step 2 – Think of ways you can incorporate these elements into your settings.

Note: You don’t have to use every single item that you’ve listed. The more elements to try to include the more difficult it becomes to pull everything together to create an amazing style. Simple is always best. What I did was that I used a couple of the above listed into different aspects of the day. For example, I didn’t use any roses in my reception styled table … although very tempted, less is always more. In my floral arrangements I wanted to incorporate the Winter turning into Spring element. So, I used dried cotton and grasses as a background for my fresh flowers and greenery. You could literally interpret it in so many ways and this is what I absolutely love about subtle details.

Step 3 – Break up the day into sections and decide what elements fit best into these categories.

This is how I broke up how I would incorporate the elements.

Getting ready, Ceremony, Romantic Setting / Photo opportunity, Reception.

Getting ready: Gown, Navy Suit, Jewellery, Accessories

Ceremony: Winter turning to spring, Roses, Magical Palace Garden

Romantic Setting / Photo Opportunities: Candelabra, Books, Roses, Magical Romance, Walking off into the sunset, And they lived happily ever after.

Reception: Candelabra, Books, Tea Set, Clock, Elegance, Wooden finishes, Ballroom, Try the grey stuff it’s delicious.

Step 4 – Figure out what to use to represent your elements.

I could spend alllll day listing how I incorporated everything into the styled shoot but see if you can spot them in the beautiful photographs. I will however for you break down my reception table, to show how you can include ‘hidden elements’ or ‘hidden mickeys’ if you will, that to the untrained eye will just look like a beautifully styled table. But 

that’s what you want, you want only a couple of details that anyone can pick and then some more in depth elements 

for the obsessed fans. 😉

Reception table break down.

Candelabra = Lumiere  

Miniature brass tea set = Mrs Pots, Chip and friends

Old style books = Library, Belle’s obsession with reading

Grey Plates = Try the grey stuff it’s delicious

Deep wine napkins = Red roses

Wooden menu and placings = Wooden elements

Lanterns, candles, lux champagne long runner, silver cutlery, white tablecloth = Other stylings to tie it all together for an elegant romantic setting

Did you see my hidden mickeys with the grey plates and wine napkins?

Step 5 – Tying it all together.

You want to create a story to which unfolds to your guests at each setting they get brought to throughout the day. Although they may not recognise each element the vibe and atmosphere of the day will do the rest. A big must is beautiful instrumental music whilst your guests wait for you and your bridal party to arrive to the ceremony. Little things like this truly ties it all together in one big bow. Click the video below to see how we tied it all together.

If you follow my steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating the most beautiful wedding and one for that matter that your guest will be talking about for years to come. #nailedit

If you’re wanting to see more photographs of my Beauty and the Beast Wedding shoot head on over to my Instagram feed and click on my ‘Shoot’ highlights. Click here to head on over.


Also, just a side note. Picking the perfect team is literally the make or break for an amazing event. Without the right people to take on your vision, your vision won’t be everything you hoped it would be. Could not have pulled it off without this absolutely amazing team! Check out my team below.

Happy planning, Janette xx

Written by Janette Newell | Olive Rose Weddings & Events 

Credits to my beautiful A-Team

Planner/Stylist: Olive Rose Weddings & Events
Venue: Glengariff Historic Estate
Photographer: Jess Took This
Videographer: Forever Features Film
Cake: The Sweet Society Co.
Ceremony Décor: Brisbane Wedding Decorators
Celebrant: Brisbane City Celebrants
H&MU: Shannon Hope Makeup Artist
Gown: Goddess By Nature
Suit: Black Jacket Suiting
Stationery: The Rustic at Heart
Jewellery: Wendy Louise Designs
Gold Rose: Eternal Bloom
Bride Model: Shauni Leigh
Groom Model: Matthan Turnquest

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