Having a few hiccups deciding who to invite to your wedding? Whether it be your parents that are insisting you invite their friends or your partner that’s wanting to invite people you haven’t even met keep reading to see how you can cull your guest list whilst keeping everyone happy.

When it comes to planning your wedding the best way to easily keep costs down is to have fewer guests. Makes sense, right?! But how exactly do you cull a list that’s 6 foot long?


Physically write down a list.

Yes! Write it down. Trust me, when it comes to lists just write it down, it makes it a hell of a lot easier. Now when I say write a list, I don’t just mean write names willie nillie everywhere. Let’s categorise it. Get your partner to write a list of their family and friends and you yourself write a separate list of your family and friends. If need be ask both parents as well who they would like you to invite. Now that you have your lists let’s start the culling process and decide who to invite to your wedding. 😉

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Deciding on a Kid or Kid Free event.

Another way of culling your list is choosing to have a kid free event. Most couples opt for this choice anyways as it allows their guests to truly enjoy themselves rather than making sure little Johnny doesn’t crash into the cake. Haha. This also weeds out the guests that can’t be bothered finding a babysitter (even with a years notice) … harsh but true.

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Make invite rules.

What I mean is with your partner agree upon rules for which people make it to the guest list. The rules are completely up to each couple to decide on. Example of rules such as ‘Has both parties met this guest’, ‘When was the last time you saw the guest’, etc. Once you have created these rules you can start crossing off people that these rules do or don’t apply too. Anyone that passes these rules write them on the Guest List. You can go after this as well with a fine-tooth comb and do a second culling if you wish. 😊

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Have a mid week wedding.

Now this trick works a treat for weeding out RSVP’s. So, you have a small list of people you still sort of need to invite to be nice. (We all have that list). The answer is to have a mid-week wedding! Number one, mid week weddings are generally cheaper as they aren’t as popular as weekends, so venues and vendors are generally pretty good with giving a cheaper rate. And number two, this gets rid of the people that you’ve invited however couldn’t be bothered to organise a day or two off. (And yes, with plenty of notice to do so). Works a treat. It’s a win win really. 😉

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Follow these super easy steps to getting your guest list down to suit you both. So now you know how to decide who to invite to your wedding. YAY! 


Happy planning. Janette xx

Written by Janette Newell | Olive Rose Weddings & Events



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