So, I’ve found all my vendors, now what?


The wedding cake is eaten, the booze is gone, and your feet hurt from dancing… But what is left remaining are your photographic memories! So, to ensure these piccy’s are perfect in every way, let’s just take a second to talk about 3 of the main questions I get asked as a photographer!

“My lover and I don’t really like photo’s being taken. Do we have to make photo’s a big deal?”

Sweet! Not totally into photo’s? That’s cool! The one thing I suggest doing is googling what time the sun sets on your day and we will work backwards from there. Therefore if you’re not totally into photo’s then you want to make sure that the photo’s your wedding photographers do take are at the perfect time (while you are at it, google golden hour photo’s, you’re welcome).

We want to be out taking photo’s at least 30 mins before that time of the sunset. But also remember that other factors may come into play, is it raining? Are you in a forest getting married? Is there a storm about to roll in?

Here, lemme show you what I mean …

Golden Hour Bride & Groom

Photo Credit: Smile Darling Photography

This glorious couple were getting married for the second time around, while photos were still important to them, hanging out with their guests came first! So because of this, we got to sneak out just before sunset to capture them a few WOW photos for the albums and walls (and thank you cards, duh!).


“What’s the best time to get married? I want to have lots of time to greet my guests but also not feel rushed for my photo’s either”. 

Yep! Yuck, I hate feeling rushed… But, let me talk about a few factors that come into play if you decide to have your wedding in the middle of the day/early afternoon  (10am -2pm).

  • I mean, I’m pretty good at photoshop, but I can’t edit out squinting from the sun.
  • Is it summer? #aussiesummer #itsanofromme – Think of yourself! You are going to feel hot and sweaty outside.
  • How long do you really want to be taking photo’s for anyway?
  • If photos are important to you that you want ‘lots of time for’ then you want to make sure they are in some beautiful sun, not harsh!

Good wedding photographers don’t need hours of your time to take good photo’s! Therefore depending on the weather/time of the year I think any wedding photographer will agree that if they could grab you for an hour of your time around the 4pm mark, we are stoked! Because any more time then an hour is a bonus for us, you will be surprised as how much we can do in an hour!

Below I have placed an image of a photo taken in the early afternoon! Unfortunately, I can’t photoshop your squinting from the sun, I wish though! Its always best to say your I do’s in the afternoon or EARLY morning!

Groom wearing a hat and best man

Photo Credit: Smile Darling Photography


“What if it’s raining on my wedding day? And what if we don’t get that golden hour light we were planning on?”

Let me let you in on a little secret, raining photos/cloudy photos are even BETTER! If you are willing to get out with an umbrella (if it’s raining) I am more then stoked to capture some fun in the rain! It might not be totally ideal, but stuff it, you only get married once and they say its good luck! If it’s too dramatically pouring with rain and you don’t feel comfortable – We can talk about an undercover option for your photos AND we can also take some sweet, romantic night-time images. Your wedding photographers would need know more then 5 mins out in the weather to take some super beautiful images for your wall and album!

But I don’t think my words can do rain images justice… Let me show you what I mean.

Silhouette bride and groom, rainbow sunset

Photo Credit: Smile Darling Photography

After every storm comes a beautiful rainbow…Golden hour ain’t got nothing on this.


Bride and groom with bridal party in the rain

Photo Credit: Smile Darling Photography

 Let’s just embrace the weather, it will be even better than golden hour and we can have a whole lot of fun…Just like these guys!


Remember you only get married once; your images are going to be so much better if you forget there is even images being taken! Relaxed, documentary images as your day unfold are the BEST!


Written by Mary Miller | Smile Darling Photography

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