Thinking of having a Winter wedding? It’s a beautiful time of year and especially in Australia, there’s less storms and no chance of sweating off your makeup or in your suit jackets. As it’s increasingly getting more popular to have weddings outdoors, I have listed below my 8 tips to keep your guests warm in winter!


The first and best thing you can do is give your guests as much information and warning as possible. Include in your invitation a little ‘Stay Warm’ Information card. Let your guests know if you’re having an outdoors / marquee wedding and tell them to bring a warm jacket as well as provide any information of ways you’ll be able to keep them warm. For example, that you’ll have hot beverages and blankets on hand throughout the night. This is particularly important for your older guests (grandparents) who will get chilly very quickly.

Pug in a blanket


Use cute cosy details to decorate your space. Have rolled up blankets in a basket for guests to use during the evening. NOTE: I would recommend laying out a blanket on each elderly person’s chairs so as they are guaranteed a blanket (they will need it).

You could also have your wedding favours as hot chocolate sachets or perhaps small bottles of hot sauce if you both are into spicy foods. Have fun with the season theming and use it to your advantage to create a beautiful warm setting for your guests.  


Creating a hot beverage station is the perfect way to keep your guests warm in winter. Have different flavours and add ins on hand so that they can create their own style of drink. This entertains your guests as well as warm them up.

hot chocolate station


If you are having a marquee or tipi style reception, I highly recommend you look into a few gas heaters. By placing these inside and at entrances of the marquee or tipi it will keep the warm air inside. Most wedding hire companies have these on hand to hire out with gas bottles and will set it all up and the only thing you or preferably your wedding coordinator will need to do is turn them on.


Those of you getting married on a large property will most likely have the option to hire fire pits. Or if you’re lucky they already have an inbuilt fire pit for you to use. Most couples love to use these nearing the end of the night for the night owl guests who love a good party. I don’t know one single person who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows on the fire and chatting about life and most of all how amazing your wedding has been.  Perfect way to keep your guests warm in winter.

fire pit on a property


Another way to keep your guests warm in winter is to serve beautiful hot winter comfort food at your reception. Whether it be a slow cooked roast or a dish you enjoyed growing up with. People love comfort food especially when it’s cold. Serve your guest something warm to fill their bellies.


Instead of the traditional wedding cake perhaps think of serving a beautiful warm dessert such as sticky date pudding, apple crumble or pie. No one could say no to a warm pudding for dessert that’s for sure. Mmmmmm yum!

warm desserts + brownie


One way to warm up your guests in winter is to have a whisky bar, that’ll warm up their souls nicely. These bars are getting ever so popular at weddings as people love the idea. You can either have it setup as a self-service area for your guests or hire a bar staff member to pour and monitor the whisky levels so that some people don’t get too greedy before others have had a chance to try some.

Jack Daniel's whiskey in a glass

If you do decide to have a winter wedding remember to have at least 2 ways guests can keep warm during the winter night. And to ensure your older guests are snug as a bug.

Happy planning, Janette. Xx

Written by Janette Newell | Olive Rose Weddings & Events

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