Dreaming of an outdoors Summer wedding? Let’s have a chat about how to keep your wedding guests cool in Summer. Summer is only just around the corner and if you live in Australia like me, well it’s pretty much Summer all year round. And because of that the last thing you want is for yourselves and your guests to be uncomfortably sweaty, dehydrated and just plain hot and bothered.

So, here are some fun ideas to keep everyone happy during your beautiful Summer wedding.


This might be an easy to figure out, logical thing to do. However, the number of Summer weddings that forget to put out cold drinks at their ceremony is just crazy. Especially for an Australian wedding. Sure, they have perhaps some beer and wine after the ceremony, but you need to remember that your guests arrive 30 minutes to an hour prior to your ceremony even starting. Therefore, have chilled bottles of water in ice buckets ready for when your guests arrive. This will be a live saver for a Summer wedding, trust me!

Cold drinks



For an outdoors Summer wedding shade is a MUST. When inspecting venues check out what sort of shade or covers, they have to offer your guests before and after the ceremony. If your heart is set on a particular venue and your guests don’t have any access to shade at the ceremony, consider hiring some large café style umbrellas and setup a cocktail hour nearby. Or if huge umbrellas aren’t your style look into some cute paper parasols for your guests. I will suggest that perhaps for the ceremony, at least for the time your guests are sitting down don’t have the parasols up as this blocks the view of the other guests as well as from you and your partner seeing everyone’s smiling faces. Just a note. You can get your celebrant to announce to guests to put them down during the ceremony.

canopy trees - shade



Fans are a cute way of keeping your guests cool in Summer. They also don’t obstruct anyone’s view and don’t make any noise. Woohoo. A great idea is to utilise your fans and make them into your programs for the day. Print out your timeline onto the fans it’s always a hit with the guests.

handheld fan



Because there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cream on a hot Summers day. Why not hire an ice-cream cart or van for your Summer wedding cocktail hour! It’s always a huge hit with the guests and will keep everyone as cool as a cucumber.

2 ice-cream cones



Provide a basket of fun sunglasses for your guests to wear. Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea, especially the fun, crazy sunglasses for your Summer wedding. Shields your guests’ eyes from the sun and at the same time creating amazing photos for you to cherish. Weddings that I’ve been to that have done this truly have some cracking photos and the guests have a ball with them. Definitely a must in my opinion. 

pineapple with sunglasses



Having a cool down station at your Summer wedding is the best idea. You can stock it with so many fun and useful things such as sunscreen, bug spray, chilled towels, thongs, cold water in spray bottles for some refreshing cold mist. The options are endless, have some fun with it.

lemon in water jug


By applying my Summer wedding tips to your day your guests will thank you and you’ll be the talk of the town. Because with all of these fun Summer wedding ideas to keep your guests cool, your guests will have a fantastic time and you’ll have the BEST DAY EVER!


Happy planning, Janette xx

Written by Janette Newell I Olive Rose Weddings & Events

I help couples plan, organise & create the wedding of their dreams. Feel free to look around my website, & keep an eye out for my FREE downloadable checklists.


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