Sweet memories…why fine chocolate works for wedding favours

Wedding favours or bomboniere aren’t top of the to-do list when it comes to wedding planning. However they do contribute to the table or event styling and as take home gifts for your guests, can make an already special day something to remember.

The traditional wedding bomboniere was typically five, sugar-coated almonds tied up in a delicate tulle bag, and symbolising the gifts of happiness, health, longevity, wealth and fertility.

And while anything goes these days as couples choose to make their day unique, there is still something rather personal about edible gifts for wedding favours. They reflect that generosity of spirit and love associated with cooking and sharing food with family and friends. 

Chocolate is a food that has been enjoyed in its many forms for thousands of years. And there are many good reasons for using it in wedding favours now. Here’s why we think it works.

Chocolate says romance and love

Chocolate is widely acknowledged as one of the foods of love as it appeals to so many of the senses. Glossy fine chocolate has the look of luxury. It has a distinctive aroma, which also stimulates our sense of smell – supposedly one of the strongest of our five senses at triggering memories. And of course chocolate tastes amazing – sweet and silky, multi-layered and luscious.

All your guests will enjoy chocolate

 Chocolate is a winner for men and women; young and old; foodies and funsters. There’s something about that smooth richness and complex flavour that pleases most palettes.

There’s also such a wide variety of chocolate – wedding white, sweet milk, classic dark and even pretty ruby chocolate. Combined with soft and textured fillings such as caramel, fruit gels, chocolate ganache or nuts, there’s something for everyone. But perhaps just choose your favourite for your wedding favours.

Styled to suit your wedding

Handcrafted chocolate pralines can be personalised to match your wedding colours and themes. Are you having a beach wedding and want to tie in the colour of the ocean? Ask about swirls of blue cocoa butter creating mini works of chocolate art for your guests. Want to pick up the rose pinks and peaches in your floral arrangements? Pink cocoa butter or ruby chocolate can create that. Or go further with edible gold leaf for a touch of glam.

Chocolate can be versatile wedding favours. They fit equally well with elegant, sit-down wedding receptions or the most laid back, indie event

Chocolate is for sharing

The wedding favour or bomboniere is a small gift given by the happy couple to their guests as a thank you for sharing such a special occasion. And high quality, hand crafted chocolate is the perfect special occasion treat – unique, beautiful and delicious – and designed to be shared with loved ones.

If you love the tradition of bomboniere with a contemporary spin, consider the gift of chocolate wedding favours.


GUEST BLOG: Written by Alicia Chapman of Little Cocoa

Little Cocoa is a Gold Coast-based business creating exquisite, chocolate wedding favours. Little Cocoa’s standard bomboniere is a two-piece box of handcrafted chocolate pralines – fine, soft-centred chocolates made to order from a choice of flavours and made fresh for your event. The white gloss packaging will suit most wedding tables and can be personalised with a couple’s names and wedding date in luxe foiling. Beyond bomboniere, chocolate pralines can also be used in wedding dessert buffets, served with coffee or incorporated into thank-you gifts for the bridal party.


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