Picking the perfect wedding date. Congratulations you are engaged!!! Hooray!!! Now that you have announced your engagement to you family and friends the questions will start coming, so are you ready?

Can I see your ring? How did he/she propose? Blah blah blah. When’s the wedding date???

Ooppp there it is 😉

Now calm down, don’t just blindly point your finger at a calendar and say “there, done!”. Oh you crazy! Consider the 5 listed points below to make sure you pick the perfect date for your special day. Read these and you should avoid having an ‘awwww crap’ moment.

#1 Symbolism

Perhaps you might like to get married on the day you met or perhaps something cute like your parents or grandparents anniversary. Which ever you choose just consider if/or what that paricular day means to you.

#2 Season

First thing you might be thinking of is, I want to stay away from the ‘rainy season’, so trust me when I say that it can rain on any old day. Therefore, for you to dismiss a season just because it might rain would be silly. Also, a rainy wedding would create amazing photographs so don’t stress. Another thing to think about is temperature. Do you and your partner run hot? Perhaps a Summer wedding is out of the question for you since you don’t want to be swimming in a pool of sweat before you even make it down the aisle, that’s so not hot haha. Think about your groomsmen wearing suits or the bridesmaids wearing their dresses, if you choose a cold season make sure your bridesmaids have matching jackets or something for them to keep warm.

Summer: 19%     Autumn: 26%     Winter: 18%     Spring: 37%.

According to http://www.easyweddings.com.au these are the percentages of marriages for each season.

#3 Price

Depending on your budget will also affect which day you will get married on. Saturdays obviously being the most popular day in the year. Should you choose a week day you will have unlimited venues and suppliers to help you create your day all that special. Should you choose a Saturday you will definitley need to book a year in advanced. Popular Months are April, September, October and November. Off months are February, June and December. So depending on how much of a rush you are to get married will depend on the month.

#4 Holidays

You will need to take into consideration what days holidays fall on. Should you want an Easter wedding for example best to ask friends and family if they plan to go away etc. Also consider school holidays as many families go away. If you choose a date during the school holidays be prepared for limited accommodations and packed beaches etc. Perhaps not the best time for a beach wedding with screaming kids running around in the background … little mood killers LOL.

#5 Do Not Pass Go Days

Named rightfully so as you will not be collecting $200 on these dates. Have a really good google search for events in your area such as sporting, music concerts, Australia Day etc, such days as these prove to be hazardous for a wedding in the same area. Therefore, should your wedding day be on any of those weekends if maybe hard for your guests to find accommodation furthermore, think of the traffic. Imagine grid lock traffic in a limosine. Nightmare, unless you have plenty of wine haha. Best to stay clear of those big events. Plus you don’t want all the men in your life crying over the fact that they missed the grand final.

Following my 5 rules you’ll be well on your way to picking the bestest date for your perfect day!!!

Happy planning, Janette xx

Written by Janette Newell I Olive Rose Weddings & Events

I help couples plan, organise & create the wedding of their dreams. Feel free to look around my website, & keep an eye out for my FREE downloadable checklists.


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