Choosing the right venue is probably the biggest decision of your wedding. So naturally you’d want to take your time and consider all the options.

In this article will highlight all of the options you will need to take into consideration when choosing your venue.

#1 Budget:

So you’ve been pinteresting and you’ve found the most fancy swanky places around … however, can you afford it? We can all dream however unfortunately not everyone can afford to get married in a castle made of gold! 😉

Keep in mind though most if not all places will have a significantly cheaper rate for unpopular dates and days during the week. Also don’t be afraid to ask for a discount … they may not be able to change the rate of pricing but may be able to throw in some extras for free!!!

#2 Timing

Generally the longer the engagement, the more venue options you will be entitled to. Some venues are booked 2 years in advanced! Crazy I know. If you are really hung up on a particular date you may have to wait a little longer for your big day. However, should you be a little bit more relaxed in regards to your date you will have endless possibilities.

Another point to ask yourself is – consider the time of day you would like to get married. Do you want an all day event or perhaps just an evening event? Note: The longer the event the more refreshments (drinks, canapes, etc) you will need to supply, so also consider this when budgeting.

#3 Numbers

It is extremely important to know your numbers before enquiring about a particular venue. You should know the exact numbers or around abouts to the questions below before heading out to a venue also considering your guests needs.

  1. How many guests will you be inviting?
  2. Will the same number be at the ceremony and reception?
  3. Will guests need to travel between locations or will you have both ceremony and reception at the same location?
  4. Is there a minimum guest requirement?
  5. Will guests need to stay overnight?
  6. Is it accessible to guests with mobility issues?

All of these 3 factors need to be considered when picking the perfect location. Below is a list of some general tips and questions to ask your venue.

  • Is there great views or places to take photos? If not perhaps ask if there is a place nearby?
  • Is there enough parking for guests?
  • Do they have rules about candles or confetti?
  • Can your guests stay at the location? Would they provide a discounted rate?
  • How do they calculate the overal price (per head, room hire, minimum spend)?
  • Can you setup a day in advanced? (They is particular handy for your suppliers and wedding planner)
  • What are the bar options? Can you supply your own drinks?
  • Does the venue supply tableware (tables, chairs, cutlery, plates,etc)?
  • Can you choose your own suppliers? (Unfortunately some venues have a strict policy about using ‘outsider’ suppliers)


  • GET EVERYTHING CONFIRMED IN WRITING!!! If you have a wedding planner they will do this for you but should you do this yourself please please please get it all in writing not just so you can prove on certain agreements but also so that everyone is on the same page and if something is not correct it can be corrected then and there instead of awkwardly on the day of the wedding.

Should you follow and think about all the above tips and tricks you will be well on your way to creating a truely wonderful day.

Happy planning, Janette xx

Written by Janette Newell I Olive Rose Weddings & Events

I help couples plan, organise & create the wedding of their dreams. Feel free to look around my website, & keep an eye out for my FREE downloadable checklists.


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