Bride in gown holding her wedding shoes on her wedding day

Wedding Day Organisation

To these tasks to have a stress free relaxing wedding day

Now you’ve been planning your wedding day with months of planning with or without a planner so that you can be stress free on your day. And yet people love to leave things until the last minute to complete or organise. Don’t do that. 

THIS IS THE PART EVERY ONE FORGETS ABOUT!  You have zero time on your wedding day. 

Here are my top tips to ensure you enjoy every minute of your wedding day. 

1. The To-Do List

Do ALL odd jobs and to-do’s the day before or earlier. If you can do it now, do it. Don’t wait for the week, day before or God forbid the day of your wedding to get your hot glue gunning on. (Trust me I’ve seen this before DON’T DO IT). If you waited until the day of to do it, it’s not important enough. Just forget it. It’s your wedding day, soak it all in because it’s over before you know it. 

Bride holding her bouquet

2. Gifts

Have your bridal party gifts wrapped and ready to be handed out as soon as they arrive or better yet the day before. This wastes precious time in the morning for your hair and makeup artists if they are waiting for you to finish with presents. This then in turn sets the rest of the day to be late and your poor vendors scrambling to then get you back on time. Have your bridal party arrive early for presents or hand them out the day before. 

3. Get Catered

Have your brunch catered for. Trust me, this makes everything a lot easier. No lugging food up to the hotel, no meal prep, minimal rubbish and barely any clean up. Book a grazing plater or simply get room service. This will mean everything on your wedding day to have your meals or ready and prepared for you. 

Two grooms having their first kiss

4. Pack your bag

Have your wedding day clutch or bag already packed. Self explanatory but again it wastes so much time on your day when you don’t know where anything is. Bonus Tip: Place it somewhere near the exit to grab on your way out.


5. Runsheet & Contacts

Have your wedding day runsheet and vendor contact lists printed out and stuck up on a wall or door. Why you ask? Because you are going to get fired with question after question from your bridal party, parents etc, so if you have your runsheet and vendor contacts printed and displayed – all you have to do is address your questions to the wall. And bonus if they are stuck to the wall they can’t get lost. (One of my brides did this and I thought it was GENIUS!)

Bridal portrait of bride and groom on their wedding day



This seems funny but if your accommodation aka your hotel suite is where you are getting ready, then your vendors need a CLEAN space to work. Your hair and makeup artists/stylists, your planner, your photographer, your videographer. These vendors are in the room with you so let’s put away the mess and random luggage. Because guess what … when your photographer /videographer are getting footage of you getting ready guess what is going to be in the background ruining all your photos. You guessed it, all the chaos and mess of the day sitting in the background of your photos. Have someone in charge of making sure things are being put away or cleaned up prior to your photographer and videographers arriving. 

A bride looking out her window on her wedding day

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