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Let’s be real – planning a wedding from scratch can be more than a little overwhelming. From creating a budget (without having a clue what anything costs!) to putting together a timeline for the day, it’s easy to feel lost, confused and downright intimidated by the entire process.

Enter: the virtual Power Planning Session!

My new 2-hour planning sessions are the perfect solution for engaged couples who honestly have no idea what the heck they’re doing, and want to lean on an expert for guidance. I’m beyond excited to introduce this service because I know *exactly* how helpful it will be for couples needing that extra bit of support at an affordable price point.

Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about this new service, and the 5 key things we’ll achieve together during your session.

Wait, What’s A Virtual 2-Hour Planning Session - And Why Do I Need One?!

A virtual 2-hour Power Planning Session is exactly what the name suggests. We’ll get together over Skype from anywhere in Australia for a 2-hour wedding planning pow-wow. From budgets to timelines and to-do lists, we’ll tackle it all (and more) from the comfort of your couch. How good is that?!

I designed this service as the perfect in-between option for couples seeking tailored support and advice from a professional wedding planner, but at a fraction of the cost. Not everyone wants, needs or can afford a wedding planner by their side every step of the way, and I get that! Instead, these Power Planning Sessions provide a framework for you to plan your own wedding with confidence, while knowing everything has been accounted for.

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This new service is perfect for you if you:

  • Are recently engaged and feeling totally confused and overwhelmed by the entire process
  • Are in the early stages of planning your wedding, but find yourselves stuck and struggling to move forward without the right knowledge
  • Feel confident planning your dream wedding, but would benefit from a step-by-step guide and some expert advice on how to get there

Or, maybe you’re at the tail end of planning your wedding and need an expert to step in and help you finesse the finer details. We can create a “Finish Line” session to run over your plans, find any holes and tie up those pesky loose ends. No matter where you are in your wedding planning journey, we can customise a session to meet your needs.

5 Things We Can Achieve In A Virtual Planning Session

While it’s definitely not designed to replace a full-service wedding planner, we can still cram a LOT into our 2-hour Power Planning Session. Here are the key things you’ll walk away with!

1. A Customised Wedding Budget

Because, seriously. If you’ve never planned a wedding before, how the heck are you supposed to know how much everything costs? From flowers to entertainment and catering, I’ll run through a basic wedding budget with you and then chop and change it throughout the session according to your needs.

Along with creating a customised budget for the day, I’ll also give you my expert tips on where to splurge, where to save, how to get the most bang for your buck and how to avoid making costly mistakes.

2. A Customised Wedding Timeline

A good wedding timeline is crucial. It impacts the entire flow and vibe of your wedding, and can mean the difference between an effortless or disorganised event. From wedding prep to speeches and food service, we’ll run through a basic wedding timeline and customise it specifically for your special day.

3. A List Of Actionable Next Steps

You won’t be left high and dry after our session! Based on our discussion, I’ll provide you with a tailored list of actionable next steps so you can move forward planning your wedding with confidence. This checklist will keep you on track and ensure nothing important is overlooked before the big event.

4. All Of Your Wedding Planning Questions Answered

From etiquette dilemmas to vendor recommendations, you can take the opportunity to throw ALL of your questions at me and receive tailored, professional advice. Whether you need help coming up with contingency plans for wet weather, or need some guidance with your floor plan or seating chart, think of me as your wedding planning therapist!

5. Peace Of Mind For A Stress-Free Day

Most importantly? My Power Planning Sessions allow you to relax with total peace of mind that your wedding is heading in the right direction. With a clear budget breakdown, detailed timeline and checklist of tasks, you can rest assured you have everything you need to plan your perfect day.

And once the logistics are sorted, you can focus on the fun stuff, like marrying your person. Because that’s what it’s all about, right?

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Book Your Virtual 2-Hour Power Planning Session

I would love to help you set your wedding up for success with a Power Planning Session tailored to your needs. You can learn more about my 2-hour Power Planning Sessions here – or, if you’re ready to get started, simply hit the button below to book a date and time into my calendar.

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