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How to Hack Your Wedding Timeline
(And Spend More Time With Your Guests!)

Looking for wedding timeline hacks? Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have all of your favourite people together in one place. But, here’s the thing. With so much happening throughout the day, you may get to the end of the night and realise you hardly spent any time with your guests!

To avoid this, you’ll want to structure your wedding runsheet in a way that prioritises quality time with your loved ones. And luckily, there are a few simple ways to do just this.

Keep reading for my expert tips on how to hack your wedding timeline and spend as much time as possible with your guests.


Organise a First Look

I love, love, LOVE a first look! Not only are they uber-romantic and help to calm your nerves before the ceremony, they also allow you to capture some dreamy photos before the celebration kicks off.

This means you can spend less time taking wedding portraits after your ceremony, and more time enjoying cocktail hour with your loved ones.

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Don’t Travel Offsite for Portraits

On the same train of thought, don’t make the mistake of choosing a portrait location that’s 30 minutes away from your wedding venue. No matter how pretty it may be, it’s probably not worth the time taken away from your guests.

Instead, make the most of your stunning venue (you know, the one you’ve paid a hefty chunk of money for!) and let your photographer take the lead. They’ll know where to find the best photo backdrops and may have some secret spots up their sleeve, without needing to travel to a second location.

And if you really have your heart set on a specific location for your photos, why not organise your engagement shoot there to get the best of both worlds?

Give Speech-Makers a Time Limit

Listen – speeches can be some of the most beautiful, heartwarming moments from a wedding day. But, they also have a tendency to drag on for a reallllyyyy long time if you’re not careful.

Before you know it, dad has spent 10 minutes reminiscing on your childhood, your best man thinks he’s running a stand-up comedy show, and your guests are starting to get fidgety. Too many long speeches can ruin the flow of your night – and most crucially, cut into your dance floor time!

To keep your timeline on track, I suggest giving your speech-makers a limit of between 3-5 minutes each. Simply let them know that as much as you love them, you want to make sure you have enough time for your reception festivities, too.

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Ditch Traditions That Don’t Suit You

My last wedding timeline hack. Trying to cram every single wedding tradition into your day can take up a lot of time. So, if you don’t love it, ditch it from your day altogether!

Don’t care about cutting a cake, tossing a bouquet or garter? Scrap it. Don’t want to sit down for a 3-course meal? Plan a cocktail style reception so you can mix and mingle instead.

Remember, this is your special day – designing it your way will make every minute count.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

I may be a little biased, but it’s true 😉 Hiring a wedding coordinator means they’ll not only help you create the perfect timeline, but also ensure it’s followed To. A. Tee.

I’ll round up the right people for your family photos, make sure all of your vendors are running to the same schedule, and deal with any unexpected delays that may arise. Executing your timeline with military precision to ensure you have the best day ever!

You can learn more about working with me as your Brisbane wedding coordinator here, or book in for a Virtual 2-Hour Power Planning Session so I can help you build the perfect timeline and budget.

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