When planning your wedding it is absolutely crucial to have a Wedding Day Plan B. A plan of attack when Plan A fails. My favourite moto is ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail ~ Benjamin Franklin’ and it’s so true. If you don’t make the effort to plan ahead then you’ll end up with a whole lot of sadness if/when things go wrong.

Now having a Wedding Day Plan B doesn’t necessarily always have to be about wet weather. ALTHOUGH you MUST always have a wet weather plan. You can have Plan B’s for all aspects of your wedding that you feel might change due to weather or other circumstances. I’ll give you an example. 😉

And away we go.

I had a couple wanting to get married at a particular spot on the beach. Now the first question I asked was what’s your wet weather plan? There venue is very close by and agreed if we are in for some wet weather we will have the ceremony at the venue. Done, perfect. Here comes my other questions…. A lot of council spots where you can get married you can book through the council so that you are guaranteed that spot for a couple of hours. In this instance this spot allowed for ceremonies however you could not book the spot. Whereas they just have a first in best dressed situation.

So here comes another Wedding Day Plan B should another couple ‘get there first’. Therefore, we decided to get there early and put up signs so that the public knew what was going on and then we also chose another spot along the beach should someone get there before we did.

Why do I need a Wedding Day Plan B?

These plans are put in place so that on your wedding day your vendors aren’t panicking and contacting you what to do. This is why also having a Wedding Planner or On the Day Coordinator comes in handy. They will go through and help you create any back up plans prior to the day and then they will be the first point in contact for your vendors and be the ones to action your plans.  The last thing you’d want to be doing on your wedding day is taking multiple stressful calls from your vendors.

So not all Wedding Day Plan B’s are weather related however generally most are. But if you can think of something that can go wrong with your Plan A always, always, always, have a Plan B. You’d rather have a Plan B that you don’t use than no Plan B at all.

Make Plan B Amazing!

Now what I also wanted to say … Wedding Day Plan B’s always gets the wrap for being ‘not as good’ as Plan A. But what if you created your Plan B as amazing as Plan A??!! Then you wouldn’t have any disappointments on the day. Amazing right!!!!

There have been so many instants where Wedding Day Plan B’s have been wayyy better than Plan A. Myself included. It absolutely pelted down with rain on my wedding day. We were meant to have an outdoors wedding on top of a mountain, but instead setup inside the venue. It was soooo beautiful and magical as the venue had a huge clear window that looked down the mountain and was covered with mystical fog and fairy lights. BEAUTIFUL! I’m glad it rained. P.S Rain makes for amaaazzzzing photos. So don’t ever stress about the weather … as long as you have an amazing Wedding Day Plan B in place just roll with the punches. It’ll be perfect.

Click the link below to view my video about Plan B’s.


Written by Janette Newell Olive Rose Weddings & Events

Photography by Jess Took This 

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