Choosing a photographer and / or a videographer for your wedding is a decision that requires much consideration. 

So where do you start? 

It’s not as easy as googling somebody that looks like they take great pictures and saying yep your the one see you at my wedding. Haha if only. 

Your wedding day pictures will be cherished for the rest of your days by yourself and your family. So choosing the right photographer to capture your most precious moments couldn’t be more important. 

In this article I’ve put in all the tips and tricks of the trade to make sure you choose the absolutely 110% right photographer for the job that suits your needs. 

#1 – Get good recommendations 

The best way to know if someone is actually amazing at their job in any profession is by word of mouth or experience. Go to anybody that you know that has gotten married in the past 2-3 years and ask them! 

How was their work? Did they show up on time? How was their mannerisms and did they connect with you as the married couple. Raving customers are your best bet! 

If you don’t know anyone that’s been married recently go to your venue and ask if they have any trusted photographers that they use. At least that can be your starting point. 


Okay I get it your excited and you want to get this planning business over asap! Well to be honestly if you put the work in you’ll get the results you want. If you half ass it you’re probably going to end up with some troubleshooting. And we don’t want that! 

A photographers website can be a sign to whether they share the same eye for detail as what you and your partner do. It can also give you clues to what they’re like also. 

Take note as well to the details of their website: is it easy to navigate around, is it well presented, are the chosen theme colours engaging? Little things like this can determine whether they have put effort and pride into their business. 

#3 – Interview 

Always, always, always setup an interview before booking a photographer. This is where you can ask every single question on your mind as well as to see if they contact well with you and your partner. If you dislike your photographer on the day it’s most likely going to be hard to give an honestly heart warming smile and you’ll see it in your pictures a mile away. 

First impressions are everything so if you don’t like them … find someone else. Too easy 😉

#4 – Be prepared & Ask questions 

Be that nerdy geek with your notebook full of questions before you go and meet them for the first time. (Trust me, I was) haha 

If they are good at selling themselves (which they should be) it will be a lot harder for you to think of questions on the spot if you’ve heard all the right things from them. 

Here are some example questions that you can use. 

  • if you’ve chosen a night time setting or an usual setting ask the photographer to show you similar work that they have done. 
  • Ask about packages and don’t be afraid to negotiate on price. 
  • Will your photographer have an assistant on the day?
  • Will the photographer keep the copyright? 
  • How will you receive your photographs (on disc, USB, emailed)?
  • When will you receive them?
  • How much editing/retouching will they do to the photographs 
  • Are all the pictures included in the packaged price? 

Any other issues/concerns/questions you may have right them down and ask. Can’t hurt right! 🙂 

Happy planning, Janette xx

Written by Janette Newell I Olive Rose Weddings & Events

I help couples plan, organise & create the wedding of their dreams. Feel free to look around my website, & keep an eye out for my FREE downloadable checklists.


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