Choosing a Photographer

Choosing a photographer and / or a videographer for your wedding is a decision that requires much consideration.  So where do you start?  It’s not as easy as googling somebody that looks like they take great pictures and saying yep your the one see you at my wedding. Haha if only.  Your wedding day pictures […]


Choosing your Venue

Choosing the right venue is probably the biggest decision of your wedding. So naturally you’d want to take your time and consider all the options. In this article will highlight all of the options you will need to take into consideration when choosing your venue. #1 Budget: So you’ve been pinteresting and you’ve found the […]


Picking the Perfect Wedding Date

Picking the perfect wedding date. Congratulations you are engaged!!! Hooray!!! Now that you have announced your engagement to you family and friends the questions will start coming, so are you ready? Can I see your ring? How did he/she propose? Blah blah blah. When’s the wedding date??? Ooppp there it is 😉 Now calm down, don’t […]