• How to Hack Your Wedding Timeline (And Spend More Time With Your Guests!)

    Bride and Groom - Wedding timeline hacks

    How to Hack Your Wedding Timeline
    (And Spend More Time With Your Guests!)

    Looking for wedding timeline hacks? Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have all of your favourite people together in one place. But, here’s the thing. With so much happening throughout the day, you may get to the end of the night and realise you hardly spent any time with your guests!

    To avoid this, you’ll want to structure your wedding runsheet in a way that prioritises quality time with your loved ones. And luckily, there are a few simple ways to do just this.

    Keep reading for my expert tips on how to hack your wedding timeline and spend as much time as possible with your guests.


    Organise a First Look

    I love, love, LOVE a first look! Not only are they uber-romantic and help to calm your nerves before the ceremony, they also allow you to capture some dreamy photos before the celebration kicks off.

    This means you can spend less time taking wedding portraits after your ceremony, and more time enjoying cocktail hour with your loved ones.

    Bride's bouquet

    Don’t Travel Offsite for Portraits

    On the same train of thought, don’t make the mistake of choosing a portrait location that’s 30 minutes away from your wedding venue. No matter how pretty it may be, it’s probably not worth the time taken away from your guests.

    Instead, make the most of your stunning venue (you know, the one you’ve paid a hefty chunk of money for!) and let your photographer take the lead. They’ll know where to find the best photo backdrops and may have some secret spots up their sleeve, without needing to travel to a second location.

    And if you really have your heart set on a specific location for your photos, why not organise your engagement shoot there to get the best of both worlds?

    Give Speech-Makers a Time Limit

    Listen – speeches can be some of the most beautiful, heartwarming moments from a wedding day. But, they also have a tendency to drag on for a reallllyyyy long time if you’re not careful.

    Before you know it, dad has spent 10 minutes reminiscing on your childhood, your best man thinks he’s running a stand-up comedy show, and your guests are starting to get fidgety. Too many long speeches can ruin the flow of your night – and most crucially, cut into your dance floor time!

    To keep your timeline on track, I suggest giving your speech-makers a limit of between 3-5 minutes each. Simply let them know that as much as you love them, you want to make sure you have enough time for your reception festivities, too.

    Wedding guests - Wedding Timeline Hacks

    Ditch Traditions That Don’t Suit You

    My last wedding timeline hack. Trying to cram every single wedding tradition into your day can take up a lot of time. So, if you don’t love it, ditch it from your day altogether!

    Don’t care about cutting a cake, tossing a bouquet or garter? Scrap it. Don’t want to sit down for a 3-course meal? Plan a cocktail style reception so you can mix and mingle instead.

    Remember, this is your special day – designing it your way will make every minute count.

    Hire a Wedding Coordinator

    I may be a little biased, but it’s true 😉 Hiring a wedding coordinator means they’ll not only help you create the perfect timeline, but also ensure it’s followed To. A. Tee.

    I’ll round up the right people for your family photos, make sure all of your vendors are running to the same schedule, and deal with any unexpected delays that may arise. Executing your timeline with military precision to ensure you have the best day ever!

    You can learn more about working with me as your Brisbane wedding coordinator here, or book in for a Virtual 2-Hour Power Planning Session so I can help you build the perfect timeline and budget.

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    Bride and Bride


  • 10 Unique Brisbane Wedding Venues You Might Not Know About

    Bride & Groom - Unique Brisbane Wedding Venues

    10 Unique Brisbane Wedding Venues You Might Not Know About

    Looking for a Brisbane wedding venue that’s a little outside the box? From boujee hotels and restaurants to art galleries and theatres, Brisbane is brimming with epic venue options for a non-traditional wedding.

    If you’re currently venue-hunting and need some inspiration, read on as I round-up 10 unique Brisbane wedding venues you might not know about!

    Eatons Hill Hotel, North Brisbane

    Perched on the slopes of Eatons Hill in Brisbane’s North, you’ll find the architecturally-designed Eatons Hill Hotel. This stunning Brisbane venue features no less than 9 bars across 4 levels, along with a beautiful rooftop bar and grand ballroom.

    The interiors here are pretty striking, with ornate ceilings, pressed metal details, mosaic patterned bars and bold printed carpets. Perfect for a contemporary, luxury wedding!

    The Calile Hotel, Fortitude Valley

    Not just an Instagram sensation, The Calile Hotel in Fortitude Valley is also the perfect backdrop for hosting your nuptials. This luxury city oasis is an architectural dream, designed with sleek finishes, pastel hues, curved windows and an iconic 27-metre pool.

    Choose from an array of indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony and reception – plus, plenty of on-site accommodation for you and your guests!

    The Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba

    It doesn’t get more spectacular than The Princess Theatre in Woolloongabba. This iconic heritage-listed venue is perfect for alternative or art-deco inspired weddings, and also offers BYO beverages.

    A beautifully unique blank canvas, you can tailor your wedding reception with custom lighting, visual projector displays and much more.

    Groom & Groom - Unique Brisbane Wedding Venues

    The Lussh, Woolloongabba

    If your dream wedding has a modern industrial vibe, you’ll definitely want to check out The Lussh in Woolloongabba. This 100-year old heritage-listed building has been converted into a spacious renovated warehouse, with dramatic high ceilings, polished concrete floors and exposed brickwork.

    Outside, the private garden is framed by striking cliffs, while the interior features a luxe terrazzo-tiled bar and festoon lighting.

    Unidus Community and Conference Centre, Willawong

    Have a huge guest list? The Unidus Community and Conference Centre is ideal for large-scale weddings, with the ability to host over 350 pax.

    The venue offers a range of indoor and outdoor wedding spaces to cater for all event sizes, including the indoor Auditorium and outdoor Pavilion. You can also bring in your own caterer (food trucks, anyone?) and BYO beverages.

    Samsonvale and Districts Public Hall, Mount Samson

    For a picturesque countryside vibe, venture outside the city centre to Samsonvale and Districts Public Hall in Mount Samson. This charming timber hall is the perfect blank canvas for a DIY wedding, surrounded by acreage properties and small farms.

    Inside the hall, you’ll find exposed timber rafters, timber floors and a sweet wraparound verandah. The venue is super affordable, peaceful and private, with the ability to host up to 140 pax.

    Bride - Unique Brisbane Wedding Venues

    State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane

    Make a statement by hosting your wedding at the State Library of Queensland! This iconic Brisbane venue offers a range of spectacular backdrops for your ceremony and reception, including the Queensland Terrace, River Decks and Poinciana Lounge.

    Blackbird Bar and Grill, Brisbane City

    Wine and dine your guests at the uber-cool Blackbird Bar and Grill, overlooking the Brisbane River and Story Bridge. Whether you’re planning an intimate sit-down dinner or something more extravagant, this opulent riverside restaurant is perfectly positioned and offers a range of all-inclusive function rooms and spaces

    The Institute of Modern Art, Fortitude Valley

    The Institute of Modern Art is another spectacular Brisbane venue, located in the heart of Fortitude Valley. This contemporary museum is a stunning choice for your non-traditional Brisbane wedding, featuring polished concrete floors, 3-metre high ceilings and various gallery spaces offering a unique, modern backdrop. Art lovers, this one is for you!

    Bride and Bride

    Brisbane Wedding Planning Packages

    Looking for a Brisbane wedding planner to help you bring your dream day to life? Hi, that’s me! You can learn more about working with me as your Brisbane wedding planner here, or get your mitts on my Services and Pricing Guide delivered straight to your inbox.

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  • An Example Budget Breakdown for a $40k Wedding

    bride in a buggy - $40k wedding budget

    An Example Budget Breakdown for a $40k Wedding

    Setting a realistic budget is one of the first things you should do before planning your wedding. But, how are you supposed to create a budget if you have no idea what anything costs?

    There are plenty of articles out there sharing tips and advice on managing your wedding budget. The only problem is, nobody ever includes actual dollar figures. Until now 😉

    If you’ve ever wanted to sneak a peek at what a real wedding budget *actually* looks like, this blog is for you. From flowers to catering and stationery, read on as I share an example budget breakdown for a $40k wedding below.

    But First, a Bit of Context!

    Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, it’s important to have some context.

    Your wedding budget will be influenced by SO many things, which is why it’s often tricky to pinpoint exact costs. For example: how many guests are attending? What’s included in the venue package? Is accommodation needed? Etc.

    This particular budget breakdown is based on a 40k wedding for 100 guests. In this example, the couple has chosen a venue that doesn’t require much additional decor, as tables, chairs, linen and tableware are included in their package. The venue in this example also includes 2 nights on-site accommodation, which cancels out any extra transport costs.

    For florals, we’ve gone with simple centrepieces in the middle of the tables. It will be a sit-down reception, and the venue doesn’t include a caterer, so the couple needs to bring one in.

    Okay – now that you have the background info, let’s get into it!

    wedding cake - $40k wedding budget

    An Example Budget Breakdown for a 40k Wedding

    *All figures are approximates only

    • Venue: $5387
    • Wedding planner: $6397
    • Wedding photographer: $3152
    • Videographer: $2287
    • Celebrant: $770
    • Decor hire: $550
    • Catering (includes food, beverages and cake): $8895
    • Entertainment: $750
    • Invitations: $760
    • Florist (includes bouquets, buttonholes and table centrepieces): $2910
    • Attire (includes gown, suit, shoes, rings, hairpieces and jewellery): $5916
    • Hair and makeup: $400
    • Other/Miscellaneous (includes wedding favours, bridal party gifts, marriage certificate and emergency fund): $1891

    Customising Your Wedding Budget

    Remember, the above figures are a great starting point but will look different for each couple based on their priorities for the day. Ultimately, we want to invest more of your budget into the details that matter the most to you, and less of your budget into the details that don’t.

    You might prefer to scrap guest favours and splurge more on entertainment, or use digital invitations and spend more on flowers. It’s really up to you! This is why it’s important to determine your wedding priorities at the very beginning of your planning journey, so you can allocate your budget accordingly.

    I will say – this is where a wedding planner can be worth their weight in gold. They’ll listen closely to your vision for the day, help you create a realistic wedding budget and find ways to get the best value for your money.

    Groom and groom holding balloons

    Wedding Budget Support

    If you’d love some support with creating your wedding budget, my new Power Planning Sessions might be a great option for you. You can book in for a 2-hour virtual wedding planning pow-wow and walk away with a custom wedding budget, custom wedding timeline and a detailed checklist to keep you on track.

    Book in for your Virtual Power Planning Session here, or learn more about working with me as your Brisbane wedding planner!

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    bride and groom - $40k wedding budget


  • Creating your wedding day timeline

    Two brides walking through lavender - wedding day timeline


    How do I create my wedding day timeline? This could possibly be the most asked question I’ve received over my career. The confusion of how everything works and how everything comes together. Where to even start???

    A good rule of thumb for your wedding day timeline is that an average wedding ceremony will run for approximately 20-30mins. However more religious ceremonies can run for an hour. An average wedding reception will last for approximately 5 hours.

    Knowing your ceremony and reception starting times is the best way forward.

    Selecting Your Starting Times

    When selecting your ceremony and reception times for your wedding day timeline there are two major factors to consider first before creating your entire timeline. If you start here everything will fall into place.


    Selecting a time based on the lighting and the time / season of year will naturally result in better quality photos. If you’ve found or booked in a photographer already ask them what time they prefer to shoot for the wedding date you’ve selected. Also keep in mind the type of photographs you and your partner like the look of. Are the photos you are Pinteresting sunrise/sunset shots, evening shots, indoor photography etc.

    Golden hour is a term you’ll hear a lot of photographers and wedding industry professionals speak of. Golden hour is one hour before sunset when the lighting is pure magic for photographs. Perfect for your bridal portraits. Another thing to keep in mind.


    Think of the weather, is it hot, cold, storm season etc. It’s not ideal for an Australian Summer wedding to be held outside at midday with the Groomsmen all wearing suit jackets. By considering the season and the weather this will also result in you thinking if an outdoors or indoors ceremony and reception would be more suited you what you are looking for.

    Bride putting on her heels

    How much time should I leave in between the ceremony and the reception?

    Generally speaking, if your ceremony is roughly 30 minutes long there is a 2-hour window (on average) between the ceremony and the reception. During this time your group, family and bridal portraits are taken and your guests are enjoying your ‘cocktail hour’ prior to entering the reception.

    Now that you’ve selected your preferred timings for your ceremony and reception here is a basic outline of a wedding day timeline.

    Bouquet - Wedding day timeline


    This timeline is based on an afternoon ceremony as well as both your ceremony and reception located at the same venue. If you’re planning to have two separate locations for your ceremony and reception you will need to factor in travel times and possible traffic during the times you’ve selected.

    8:00AM – Hair and makeup begins

    12:30PM – Getting ready photographs

    2:30PM – Guests start to arrive

    3:00PM – Ceremony begins

    3:30PM – Group / family photos

    3:40PM – Cocktail ‘hour’ begins

    4:00PM – Bridal portrait photos

    5:00PM – Bridal party freshens up

    5:30PM – Guests enter reception

    5:40PM – MC Welcome & Housekeeping speech

    5:45PM – Bridal entrance

    6:00PM – Meals are served

    7:00PM – Speeches

    7:45PM – Cake Cutting

    7:55PM – First Dance

    8:00PM – Party Time

    8:15PM – Dessert and coffee is served

    8:30PM – Bouquet Toss

    10:30PM – Sparkler send off

    11:00PM – Guests leave / Pack down begins

    If you’re having trouble with working out your timeline and logistics, check out my Power Planning Sessions where I can help you come up and finalise your very own wedding day timeline.

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  • 5 Things to do before booking your wedding venue

    booking your wedding venue - bride

    Is there a right and a wrong way when booking your wedding venue? This is a question I get asked a lot by newly engaged couples. Where do we start, I don’t know where to begin, help what do we do? 😳😯🤦‍♀️😂

    And hey this is perfectly normal. Because chances are this is your first time. It’s crazy that people think you’re suppose to know what to do.

    Here are 5 steps you should be doing before you book your venue or vendors.

    5 things to do before booking your wedding venue

    1. VISION

    Think about what you would like your day to look like. This might mean checking out Pinterest for some inspiration but also thinking about some logistics like indoor/outdoor ceremony, sit down/cocktail reception, big / small wedding, eloping. There are so many options and none of them are incorrect.

    2. BUDGET

    This is the one a lot of couples struggle with. How are you suppose to create a realistic budget when you have no idea how much things cost in the wedding industry. Start with how much you are prepared to pay for each service as a very rough guide until you start getting quotes back.

    2 brides kissing at their wedding venue

    3. DATE

    Select a day for your wedding. Have a think about what time of year, if you’re a person that doesn’t do well in Summer then perhaps pick a time where you won’t be dying in the heat. Pro Tip: Have a couple of date options that you both like, this will make finding your perfect venue easier.


    The first thing a venue is going to ask you is what are your approx. guest numbers. Create a rough first draft of people you would like to invite. You can always cull this list later but it’ll give you a rough idea of numbers.

    bride and groom in front of venue


    Start researching venues and vendors that fall into the vision of your day. This does not mean start booking left right and center. We are in research mode. Start stalking their websites and socials to see if you think what they offer and most importantly them as a person would be a good fit for your day. I believe it is super important to really click with your vendors as these people are going to be apart of your most special day, essentially as ‘guests’, in most cases you don’t invite people you don’t like to your wedding (in most cases 😂).

    Well there you go there are my 5 steps to take before booking your venue. If your thinking man oh man we may have overcommitted, we don’t have the time to be drawing up budgets, or if all of this is in the ‘too hard basket’ then perhaps hiring a wedding planner is in the cards for you.

    I offer a no strings attached Virtual 2 hour Power Planning Session to get you on track with all of your wedding planning ideas and questions.

    Want more wedding planning tips??? Follow me on Instagram for daily tips and free advice every Tuesday. Click here to follow Olive Rose Weddings and Events on Instagram.

    bride and groom in a field


  • 5 Things We Can Achieve in a Virtual 2-Hour Power Planning Session

    virtual wedding planning session - book and pen

    Let’s be real – planning a wedding from scratch can be more than a little overwhelming. From creating a budget (without having a clue what anything costs!) to putting together a timeline for the day, it’s easy to feel lost, confused and downright intimidated by the entire process.

    Enter: the virtual Power Planning Session!

    My new 2-hour planning sessions are the perfect solution for engaged couples who honestly have no idea what the heck they’re doing, and want to lean on an expert for guidance. I’m beyond excited to introduce this service because I know *exactly* how helpful it will be for couples needing that extra bit of support at an affordable price point.

    Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about this new service, and the 5 key things we’ll achieve together during your session.

    Wait, What’s A Virtual 2-Hour Planning Session - And Why Do I Need One?!

    A virtual 2-hour Power Planning Session is exactly what the name suggests. We’ll get together over Skype from anywhere in Australia for a 2-hour wedding planning pow-wow. From budgets to timelines and to-do lists, we’ll tackle it all (and more) from the comfort of your couch. How good is that?!

    I designed this service as the perfect in-between option for couples seeking tailored support and advice from a professional wedding planner, but at a fraction of the cost. Not everyone wants, needs or can afford a wedding planner by their side every step of the way, and I get that! Instead, these Power Planning Sessions provide a framework for you to plan your own wedding with confidence, while knowing everything has been accounted for.

    Bride putting on a glove

    This new service is perfect for you if you:

    • Are recently engaged and feeling totally confused and overwhelmed by the entire process
    • Are in the early stages of planning your wedding, but find yourselves stuck and struggling to move forward without the right knowledge
    • Feel confident planning your dream wedding, but would benefit from a step-by-step guide and some expert advice on how to get there

    Or, maybe you’re at the tail end of planning your wedding and need an expert to step in and help you finesse the finer details. We can create a “Finish Line” session to run over your plans, find any holes and tie up those pesky loose ends. No matter where you are in your wedding planning journey, we can customise a session to meet your needs.

    5 Things We Can Achieve In A Virtual Planning Session

    While it’s definitely not designed to replace a full-service wedding planner, we can still cram a LOT into our 2-hour Power Planning Session. Here are the key things you’ll walk away with!

    1. A Customised Wedding Budget

    Because, seriously. If you’ve never planned a wedding before, how the heck are you supposed to know how much everything costs? From flowers to entertainment and catering, I’ll run through a basic wedding budget with you and then chop and change it throughout the session according to your needs.

    Along with creating a customised budget for the day, I’ll also give you my expert tips on where to splurge, where to save, how to get the most bang for your buck and how to avoid making costly mistakes.

    2. A Customised Wedding Timeline

    A good wedding timeline is crucial. It impacts the entire flow and vibe of your wedding, and can mean the difference between an effortless or disorganised event. From wedding prep to speeches and food service, we’ll run through a basic wedding timeline and customise it specifically for your special day.

    3. A List Of Actionable Next Steps

    You won’t be left high and dry after our session! Based on our discussion, I’ll provide you with a tailored list of actionable next steps so you can move forward planning your wedding with confidence. This checklist will keep you on track and ensure nothing important is overlooked before the big event.

    4. All Of Your Wedding Planning Questions Answered

    From etiquette dilemmas to vendor recommendations, you can take the opportunity to throw ALL of your questions at me and receive tailored, professional advice. Whether you need help coming up with contingency plans for wet weather, or need some guidance with your floor plan or seating chart, think of me as your wedding planning therapist!

    5. Peace Of Mind For A Stress-Free Day

    Most importantly? My Power Planning Sessions allow you to relax with total peace of mind that your wedding is heading in the right direction. With a clear budget breakdown, detailed timeline and checklist of tasks, you can rest assured you have everything you need to plan your perfect day.

    And once the logistics are sorted, you can focus on the fun stuff, like marrying your person. Because that’s what it’s all about, right?

    Wedding reception - virtual wedding planning session

    Book Your Virtual 2-Hour Power Planning Session

    I would love to help you set your wedding up for success with a Power Planning Session tailored to your needs. You can learn more about my 2-hour Power Planning Sessions here – or, if you’re ready to get started, simply hit the button below to book a date and time into my calendar.

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    save the date held by bride


  • How to be organised on your wedding day

    Bride in gown holding her wedding shoes on her wedding day

    Wedding Day Organisation

    To these tasks to have a stress free relaxing wedding day

    Now you’ve been planning your wedding day with months of planning with or without a planner so that you can be stress free on your day. And yet people love to leave things until the last minute to complete or organise. Don’t do that. 

    THIS IS THE PART EVERY ONE FORGETS ABOUT!  You have zero time on your wedding day. 

    Here are my top tips to ensure you enjoy every minute of your wedding day. 

    1. The To-Do List

    Do ALL odd jobs and to-do’s the day before or earlier. If you can do it now, do it. Don’t wait for the week, day before or God forbid the day of your wedding to get your hot glue gunning on. (Trust me I’ve seen this before DON’T DO IT). If you waited until the day of to do it, it’s not important enough. Just forget it. It’s your wedding day, soak it all in because it’s over before you know it. 

    Bride holding her bouquet

    2. Gifts

    Have your bridal party gifts wrapped and ready to be handed out as soon as they arrive or better yet the day before. This wastes precious time in the morning for your hair and makeup artists if they are waiting for you to finish with presents. This then in turn sets the rest of the day to be late and your poor vendors scrambling to then get you back on time. Have your bridal party arrive early for presents or hand them out the day before. 

    3. Get Catered

    Have your brunch catered for. Trust me, this makes everything a lot easier. No lugging food up to the hotel, no meal prep, minimal rubbish and barely any clean up. Book a grazing plater or simply get room service. This will mean everything on your wedding day to have your meals or ready and prepared for you. 

    Two grooms having their first kiss

    4. Pack your bag

    Have your wedding day clutch or bag already packed. Self explanatory but again it wastes so much time on your day when you don’t know where anything is. Bonus Tip: Place it somewhere near the exit to grab on your way out.


    5. Runsheet & Contacts

    Have your wedding day runsheet and vendor contact lists printed out and stuck up on a wall or door. Why you ask? Because you are going to get fired with question after question from your bridal party, parents etc, so if you have your runsheet and vendor contacts printed and displayed – all you have to do is address your questions to the wall. And bonus if they are stuck to the wall they can’t get lost. (One of my brides did this and I thought it was GENIUS!)

    Bridal portrait of bride and groom on their wedding day


    6. CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!!

    This seems funny but if your accommodation aka your hotel suite is where you are getting ready, then your vendors need a CLEAN space to work. Your hair and makeup artists/stylists, your planner, your photographer, your videographer. These vendors are in the room with you so let’s put away the mess and random luggage. Because guess what … when your photographer /videographer are getting footage of you getting ready guess what is going to be in the background ruining all your photos. You guessed it, all the chaos and mess of the day sitting in the background of your photos. Have someone in charge of making sure things are being put away or cleaned up prior to your photographer and videographers arriving. 

    A bride looking out her window on her wedding day

    Want to keep reading? Check out my blog for all my posts. Click here.

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    wedding planning tip bride at reception table



    Wedding planning tip number one: There’s nothing like the stresses of leaving something to the very. last. minute. We’ve all done it, however; your wedding shouldn’t be one of those things! The earlier you start the higher the chances for you to book the date, venue and vendors you are wanting. So do yourself a favour and don’t procrastinate and book in your favourite vendors ahead of time. The longer you wait, the greater the chance your favourite vendor might book out on your chosen date.



    I’ve spoken about this before numerous times. And it’s something I’m super passionate about. Figure out between you WHAT MATTERS TO YOU about your special day. Figure out those main elements and plan your wedding around them. Are the details important to you, are the memories made, are the photographs, is the feeling of not being stressed or having to organise everything on your wedding day important to you. Think of what you want out of your day and how you want to feel. Everything falls into place when you know what you want. 👌 This is one of those wedding planning tips that might take a little minute to discuss with your partner. 

    wedding planning tip bride and groom wedding outdoors



    Budgeting is hard enough in everyday life let alone budgeting for a wedding when you have not done it before or have any idea of the pricing of things. This is when researching and getting quotes comes into play. Research your elements and decide what you are willing to pay for each one. Draw up a spreadsheet and you’re good to start booking your vendors.

    ☀ Simply start by writing out a list of elements, vendors etc you would like to be apart of your wedding and writing beside each element how much you are willing to spend.

    ☀ Also highlight those elements / vendors that are super important to you both and note down which you are prepared to pay a little bit more for to get the wedding you are after. 💕

    ☀ Next is to start chatting with vendors you’re interested in and sourcing some quotes. Don’t feel bad about getting a couple of quotes to compare but just remember it’s not just about comparing pricing between vendors it’s also taking into consideration if you click with them, if they offer something unique and if you trust them whole heartedly.


    If these budget wedding planning tips sound all a little bit too hard for you … I get it, planning a wedding is incredibly time consuming. But hey I can help!

    ☀ Check out my Virtual 2 Hour Power Planning Sessions where you will find out how much things actually cost for your wedding day as well as have your budget drawn up for you all from the comfort of your own home.

    Wedding Budget | Virtual Power Planning Session – Olive Rose Weddings



    Although this isn’t necessary a lot of people find it so much easier to keep track of emails, invoices, documents etc when they aren’t hidden within all your other personal subscriptions and random junk you have flying into your inbox. If you’re anything like my husband and has 3,000 unread emails in his inbox then this is something you need to do … like yesterday. 👌😂

    Bonus Tip ✨ Create separate vendor files within your new wedding email to quickly find those contracts and invoices without the fuss.



    Hmmm what do I mean you say? I’m saying RAIN / STORMS / WET WEATHER. Yep, I said it! Chances are it might actually rain on your wedding day. It bucketed down for mine that’s for sure. 😂

    What I’m saying is to create a Plan B / Wet weather option that you actually love. This prevents refreshing the BOM weather website every 2 minutes and completely stressing out about a little rain on the day. By having a wet weather option, you actually love there’s not going to be any stress or disappointment on the day if it does indeed rain.

    Hey, it rained for mine and to be honest my Plan B turned out to be even better than Plan A. Don’t stress about the weather. Plan for it! P.S raining wedding photographs are honestly my favourite they are absolutely stunning.

    wedding planning tip bride and groom on a swing


  • Courtney & Jayden



    Eatons Hill Hotel - Bride and Groom

    What can I say about this beautiful couple? Courtney and Jayden sort me out as their wedding planner soon after booking their wedding venue with Eatons Hill Hotel. As a busy family with some cute as a button children their priorities for the day were to be stress free and have everything handled for them. AMAZING!

    However it wasn’t an easy road for them. Due to the amazing year of 2020 we tackled postponements from life and covid but after 2 years of planning we finally made it down the aisle at Eatons Hill Hotel in 2021. And it was beautiful.

    THE VENUE: Eatons Hill Hotel

    Eatons Hill Hotel has a beautiful lakeside ceremony area with stunning gardens but due to wet weather on the day we moved to Plan B and it was absolutely stunning. Eatons Hill Hotels venue coordinator and staff were so incredibly helpful on the day, and we moved the ceremony setup into one of their large function rooms upstairs to The Hills West room and the reception area was moved from The Fig Tree Deck into The Green Room. The staff were incredibly accommodating to my couple. Thank you, Eatons Hill Hotel, you made their day so special!

    Eatons Hill Hotel - Bride and Groom


    Courtney and Jayden’s colour palette was red, white and toffee with a few navy blue elements. The One Stop Wedding Shop did a beautiful job creating their ceremony setup including florals and bouquets. I cannot recommend Deb and John enough, they truly go above and beyond for their clients.


    Held in the Hill West Room of Eatons Hill Hotel, the ceremony was performed by the lovely Robbie. It was an extra special ceremony for her because she is a close family friend of Courtney and Jayden and she made their wedding her very last one for her career as a wedding celebrant. Such an amazing achieve Robbie. 

    Eatons Hill Hotel - Bride and Groom


    Held in The Green Room of Eatons Hill Hotel, the reception was an informal cocktail style format with a beautiful buffet spread catered by Eatons Hill Hotel. With no formalities such as speeches, first dance and cake cutting the couple spent the rest of their beautiful night mingling with friends and family and having the best day / night of their lives.

    Thank you Courtney and Jayden for choosing me to be apart of your wedding day. It was truly an honour to work with you and get to know you both. Wishing you every bit of happiness. Janette


    “Janette is put on this earth to be a wedding planner! Not only did she make our day so perfect, she made it completely stress free! Even on the day, I was the most relaxed I’d been during the whole process. How often do you hear of a bride having literally no stress on the day of their wedding… Janette handled everything perfectly! Including postponing our entire wedding and making so many changes to our plan when we had to change things. She even made sure everything was done and perfect while having a newborn of her own. Janette was worth every cent and more! Do yourself a favour and hire Janette! You won’t regret it.” ❤️ – Courtney and Jayden


    Congratulations Courtney & Jayden


  • Wedding Expenses – Top 18 Wedding Expenses You Haven’t Budgeted For

    Top 18 Wedding Expenses You Haven't Budgeted For

    Brisbane Event Planner | Styled Table

    Wedding expenses and wedding budget. The words that sends shivers down most people’s spines. But creating a wedding expense budget is something that I truly believe will set your wedding up for success and avoid those costly mistakes a lot of couples make.

    I know, I know … wedding expenses and budgets are not people’s favourite things to do. Hey, I get it. It’s annoying and quite frankly you’re creating a wedding budget when in most cases you have no idea how much things cost in the wedding industry. THAT IS HARD!

    How are you supposed to budget for items you don’t know the amounts for as well as maybe have no idea that you need something to make your wedding day a success. Below I have listed to top 18 wedding expenses I have found in my experience that couples tend to either forget or just don’t know they need for their big day.


    Probably one of the most important factors when setting your day up for success is a Day/Month of Coordinator. Yes, you may have a Venue Coordinator – however that is not the same thing. A mistake that a lot of couples make, that the Venue Coordinator doesn’t handle all details of their day. A Venue Coordinator only handles aspects that directly involve the venue. E.g., Catering (only if it’s inhouse), Table setup (most times doesn’t include styling or decorating).

    Now what does a Day/Month of Coordinator do? A Coordinator is someone who can professionally execute all of your hard work you put into planning your big day. Creating run sheets, timelines, floorplans, contacting all vendors to make sure they know the details you require on the day, coordinating setup, cueing music and festivities, plus so much more. A Coordinator understands the logistics and timings of a wedding and will personally oversee all planned festivities to create a beautifully effortless and seamless day. No matter how good anyone’s planning is something will always happen that can’t be controlled. This also means handling any wet weather arrangements.

    Being your first point in contact, this frees you from any stressful situations that you don’t need to be involved in on your big day. Everything will be taken care of so that you can concentrate on the important things, like getting married!


    Another big element couples don’t know to add into their wedding expenses is providing a meal for their ALL DAY vendors. These are your Wedding Planners/ Coordinators, Photographers, Videographers, DJ’s, etc. Essentially vendors that have a very long shift on your day. In many cases vendors have this added in as part of their contract to be supplied a meal. But hey think of it this way, these people have gone above and beyond for you on your wedding day to make it absolutely perfect. They haven’t had lunch because they’ve been by your side. At most they have shoved a cracker or muesli bar into their face that’s been steaming away in their hot car. Look after your vendors because they most certainly have looked after you.


    Not a big expense. It’s $50 bucks. But a lot of couples don’t realise that they are responsible after their wedding to purchase their wedding certificate online via the Government site. A fantastic celebrant will advise you of this. It’s their job to submit the legals after your day and in most cases, they will send you an email once this has been done and when and where you can purchase your marriage certificate. If in doubt, ask your celebrant. They can help.

    Brisbane Wedding Planner | Indian Bride and Groom holding magic lamp with smoke coming out of it


    When it comes to wedding attire unfortunately one size does not fit all. Annoying I know. Generally, these alterations take place roughly one month out from your big day. Sometimes it is a small amount, other times it’s significant depending on the circumstances. Ask your bridal store for their recommendations when trying on your gown or suit.


    A trial is testing out an artist’s skills to see if they can nail your Pinterest inspiration and if it suits you and your bridesmaids. Keep in mind sometimes it doesn’t work out and there might be multiple trials to get a result you want. Also factor in if you are wanting trials for your bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers, etc. While it’s not necessary (especially for the kiddies) it’s something to think about when planning your wedding expenses.


    These can be any number of appointments. Tanning, waxing, eyebrow sculpting, teeth whiten, haircuts, dying your hair, skin and beauty products, nail appointments. It all adds up. Have a think of all the things you want done, because hey, treat yo self and incorporate them into your wedding expenses.

    Brisbane Event Planner | 2 sets of hands holding magic lamp


    You’ve ordered your invitations, but have you thought about name placement cards, wedding favour tags, menus, table numbers, welcome signs, seating chart, little signs for your candy bar or dessert table to let people know that it’s gluten free. There are so many options out there. And sure, of course you don’t need it all but if you do … put it in the wedding budget.


    Another expense that people overlook. Delightful postage costs. For wedding invitations you’re generally looking at approximately $2.00 per invite.


    This is one of those things that no one thinks about. This is more for our DIY venues, for example a rural property or out in a field. You need to think about how you are going to get power and lighting and sometimes heat to your reception. This might be in a form of a heavy-duty generator. Be mindful that generators are noisy, and this might put a dampener on the evening. Overloading the power source is another thing too. I’m my experience hot water urns are notorious for shorting out the power.


    Again, for those DIY weddings in most cases these venues will either charge for rubbish removal or outline in their contract that you the couple must be responsible for removing rubbish off the premises. This also might mean you’ll have to purchase bin bags etc.

    Brisbane Wedding Planner | Indian bride and groom with camel


    Deciding whether or not to give gifts to your bridal party is totally up to the couple. Depending on how many people you have in your bridal party this may get slightly expensive for some. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Parents, Grandparents, other significant others as well as gifts for each other to present on your wedding day.


    Don’t forget to feed your crew! Brides and Bridesmaids are getting up early in the morning to get ready will need breakfast, snacks and lunch. The boys generally speaking have a little more free time but definitely need to be fed as well. Think of it this way, you and your bridal party don’t get to eat until 6pm. I always like to suggest to my couples that a grazing board or picnic basket is prepared for the bridal party when you go out for your photos after the ceremony.


    This includes jewellery, hair pieces, hair extensions, shoes, bag / clutch, undergarments, this almost might include purchasing your bridesmaids’ accessories too if that’s what you are wanting to do.


    People always remember to book accommodation for the night of the wedding but seem to forget they need accommodation to get ready in. Some couples like to do this at home or a family members premises. Just keep in mind it needs to be a place big enough for all people involved including your vendors and it needs to have good lighting for your Hair and Makeup artists and Photographers/Videographers.

    Indian Bride close up


    In most cases celebrants have their own PA system to use at the ceremony that (usually) allows for music from a Bluetooth device to be played through the system. This will be a conversation you will need to have with your celebrant. If they don’t have one, yep you guested it, put it in your wedding expenses.


    It’s so funny how many couples that I have worked with that forget to add themselves into the head count. The most important people on the day who are 100% going sometimes get forgotten. Make sure you are adding yourself and your partner into the guest numbers.


    Oh, those delightful guests that just randomly show up. Unfortunately, this does happen. But in most cases, it could have been avoided. Their RSVP got lost in the mail, perhaps you made a mistake on your count, or just forgot to mark them down as a yes. Double checking with those who you either haven’t heard from or have ticked no is ideal when confirming your final guest numbers. Also mentioning that kids aren’t invited, or they don’t have a plus one to avoid confusion on the day.


    There are just some things you can’t anticipate or expect. I like to allow for a 2% buffer on your wedding expenses budget for these random items you may have forgotten or unexpected additions that need to be purchased. Things happen, it’s better to be prepared.

    Brisbane Event Planner | Indian Bride and Groom laughing


    Concept/Planner/Stylist: Olive Rose Weddings & Events
    Venue: Summerland Camels
    Photographer: Smile Darling Photography
    Videographer: McLeish Film & Media
    Cake: The Sweet Society Co
    Celebrant: Married By Hannah Lea
    Florist / Ceremony Décor: Emunah Events
    Reception Decor: Berry Vintage Hire
    H&MU: Blush’d Brides
    Gown / Jewellery: Sajawat Couture
    Stationery: Elefont Stationery 
    Models: Dress Your Inner Self Mannu Kala
    Henna Artist: Sharmeen Thomas Official
    Evie the Camel
    Featured on To The Aisle Australia